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Q:  I dried up the water leak in our home and I think everything is dry. Do I still need to call ADS?

Our technicians are all IICRC certified and will use meters to check underneath walls, baseboards, carpets and other hard to reach places, where it may be impossible to actually see the moisture. This may prevent further damage to your property. We suggest you have a  professional come out and make sure everything is dried properly.

Q:  Do you subcontract any portion of your work?

No. Every one of our employees is an ADS employee who is trained by the operations manager and owner. We do not subcontract any work.


Q:  Is it normal for the equipment to be loud?

Yes, this is normal and varies based on the quantity and what type of drying equipment is used.

Q:  What happens if it is too hot in my home?

ADS suggests turning down the air once the equipment is placed in your home if you feel uncomfortable. It is normal for the equipment to cause the property temperature to rise. Contact your technician if you have any concerns with the equipment.

Q:  What happens if the red light on the machine comes on? Or any issues with equipment?

The red light is an indicator that the filter needs to be changed out. Please call your technician and he/she will address any concerns you have and can change the filter as needed.

Q:  How long should I expect to have equipment in my home?

Average length of time is 3 to 4 days but every situation and property is different.

Q:  I received a check from my insurance company with ADS on the check as well, what do I do?

Please call to verify it matches our invoice amount and mail to: 12094 Anderson Rd, Suite 330, Tampa FL 33625

Q:  What happens if I have a question?

Our technicians and managers are available 24/7 at 888-898-0699.

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